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Success with Estrogel gel and mirena after 8 years struggle
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Author:  Juliettes [ Tue Feb 18, 2014 10:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Success with Estrogel gel and mirena after 8 years struggle

I am 7 months into having had success with Estrogel and mirena after suffering for eight years with nothing working. It has done as it is supposed to do and supressed my oulation and therefore stopped the cycle of pain and migranes that over took most of each month leaving a few days when I felt exhausted before it all started again. I had to see a private gynae to have this prescribed.

Currently using quite a high dose of the estrogel which I feel I need to tweak as I have insomnia problems which were there prior to this treatment in slightly different way. I'm not waking up early anymore and throughout the night but have great great difficulty getting to sleep. I cant sleep without double dose valerian or over the counter sleeping pills.

My first trial of estrogel was very low dose and initially made me feel worse and very exhausted and nearly pushed me to the limit but so pleased I persevered and tried higher dose.

Life feels completely different now I'm begining to concentrate on things I've lost my career and motivation but have started to see a future and just enjoy being me. Lost 41-1bs which is another positive outcome especialy skinny jeans I just feel more well to excercise and lost the nightmare monthly cravings plus hair nails and skin not dry and brittle

I never felt I fitted PMT or PMDD text book but had lots of pain and hunger and exhaustion prior to period and migranes for up to 2 weeks after and couldnt do life. I really related to Dr Studds description of ovarian cycle sydrome.

This has been a long and exhausting journey I can remember the month 8 years ago when I was 35 that my usual pmt symptoms seem to suddenly get very bad and contributed to rapid weight gain. I've been trying to and driven myself crazy trying to find a solution ever since. I have tried and spent a fortune on every natural remedy and practice, tried numerous diets cut out alcohol, caffeine, sugar etc nothing worked. Tried many contraceptive pills but had to stop because of the break migranes. I have had ssri's but all before pmt got v bad. I have been diagnosed with suspected pcos but dont have it I have mild endometriosis and had the mirena inserted for this which made my symptoms worse over the latter years and had a pmt doctor tell me it could be phychological .
I just wish i had found the estrogel solution many years earlier and understood more about the difference between organic disease and hormonal disorder and that the treatment and specialists are very seperate.

I hope this is of help to some people and any advise would be dont give up trying to find the right doctor to help as there are many varying opinions eventually I found the right match.

If anyone else has had success with estrogel particularly with the dose and insomnia?? I would love to hear about it xxxx

Author:  Crystal [ Thu Feb 20, 2014 1:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Success with Estrogel gel and mirena after 8 years strug

Your story is similar to mine. I tried every supplement and healthy diet that I could over the years and nothing worked. If a doctor had told me it was in my head or psychological I think Id have hit him/her! The pain and suffering I went through each month for 34 years definitely wasn't psychological! Now that Ive had a hysterectomy and no longer need to have any progesterone in my body Im fine! No more mood swings, cravings, tearfulness, anger and despair. Im still in the early stages of recovery and still tweaking my oestrogen dose though. At the moment I just find that I feel a bit low if my oestrogen is low. Dealing with post op meno has been a doddle compared to pmdd!

Author:  Juliettes [ Thu Feb 20, 2014 2:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Success with Estrogel gel and mirena after 8 years strug

Hi thankyou for your reply
Wow 34 years is an increadable amount of time to suffer. I'm please you have finally found a solution.
I shouldn't complain really as a bit of insomnia is also a doddle compared to what it was like before . I keep saying I'm just tired. Things just feel better now I understand the hormone side a bit better The food cravings for up to two weeks prior were a big problem for me and if I tried to control them I would go all so pleased to say these disappeared as soon as my treatment started working. I don't think any doctor apart from the last one who gave me estrogel believed me about these. It's really helpfull to know other people have experienced similar and we are not crazy.

I hope things just continue to get better and better for you and every other pmt sufferer

Author:  Crystal [ Tue Apr 15, 2014 12:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Success with Estrogel gel and mirena after 8 years strug

I hope things improve for you too. xxxx

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