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 Post subject: Fellow Sufferers Experience of Treatment?
PostPosted: Tue Dec 11, 2012 9:19 pm 

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Hi there,

I would like to ask anyone who is on this forum of there experience of medical treatment and what they feel has worked and helped them? I find it really helpful reading others experiences to help me make an informed decision and it also helps me not feel so alone and 'insane' as I currently do now waiting anyday for my period to come before my head blows off my shoulders lol.

Although I believe I have suffered severely for some years with PMDD and in the meantime been diagnosed with a wide range of mental health disorders - the penny then drops when they start to investigate my hormones - so I am new to the world of medical treatments.

It has been suggested I try GNRH Zoladex or HRT Estradiol Patch with Uterogestan (Progesterone Pills)

Unfortunately I have over-researched and I am now freaked out by the side effects and feel in a position where I don't want/ am too scared to make things worse so I live with the two weeks/over a month nightmare that I am in now and I know is not the way forward.

Is there anyone willing to give feedback on either that you can give me off the above or different treatments in terms off side effects / how you felt during treatment?

Also would you mind me asking you where you are treated? I live down South and I literally begged my GP bombarding her with info on PMS/PMDD to refer me to the Chelsea and Westminster.

I also have a hormone imbalance linked to PCOS - I wonder if this is a common ground with anyone else?

Anyone who is willing to comment would be greatly appreciated, I hope we can help eachother.

Good Luck to all of you on your continuing mission to be well, we deserve it

Very Best Wishes


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 Post subject: Re: Fellow Sufferers Experience of Treatment?
PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2012 10:46 pm 

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Grrrrr I posted a big long reply to you last wk but its gone???! Now I'm ony phone and can't re type it all on this small keyboard! Basically however my signature is my story in a nutshell. Fear of trying treatment is perfectly natural and may not be right 1st time but hopefully you wil see as naps picks up that when you get a treatment plan to suit you, you won't look back! X

Pms-pmdd sufferer for over 20yrs. Tried several natural therapies and medical ones for years. Total hysterectomy and oopherectomy 15.8.13 I'm FREE!!! On oestrogen and testo only now, life has begun :)

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 Post subject: Re: Fellow Sufferers Experience of Treatment?
PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2013 9:52 pm 

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Apologises for the delay and thankyou for attempting to reply ;) Gutted I didn't get to see it!

Would you mind me asking what your sensitivities were to the progesterone - was this the uterogestan? and do you have the same effects when you have to take it 3 monthly?

Would you also mind me asking what prostap is, is that the injection?

Thanks Bright Blessings X

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 Post subject: Re: Fellow Sufferers Experience of Treatment?
PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 1:31 pm 

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Hi, I suffer with very severe pmdd and a couple of years ago was put on 4 pumps of oestrogel. I reduced this to 2 because the 4 gave me greasy hair and skin. Im menopausal though and have increased this back to 3. I have no bad things to say about oestrogel apart from the greasiness because it saved my life. It stops me cycling and therefore having pms and makes me feel fine. I have a bit of testosterone too because of my menopause and this give me my libido and get-up-and-go. I personally wouldn't recommend the patches. I found they were difficult to keep on and they just didn't work. It was as though I wasn't taking anything. Once I switched to the gel I almost immediately felt better.

Because I still have my womb though I, of course, have to take progesterone too. Ive tried norethisterone but this produces pms type side effects even though I have only taken it for 7 days every calendar month. I tried utrogestan but this just made me really tired and feel as though I was in a pms fog. It also didn't trigger a period and I had to take norethisterone to get my period to start and end the pms symptoms!

My gynae told me to try the utrogestan as a pessary (they are made so that you can take them orally or as a pessary) and so far they have worked quite well. I was quite tired for 2 days but apart from that I haven't had any pms yet (I took the 7th one last night so we shall see how it goes over the next few days).

Hope this helps!

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