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Feeling very desperate - can anyone advise?
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Author:  Landy44 [ Wed Jan 28, 2015 4:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Feeling very desperate - can anyone advise?


I am halfway through the second month of zoladex and am taking Sandrena oestrogel with it (with a view to worrying about progesterone after a couple of months).

The first week was awful but then I had a couple of fantastic weeks and felt like my old self before the pms nightmare began years ago.

Since the weekend though, I feel awful. Really, really, ill. The bone/joint pains are just terrible, I feel periody, sick, upset stomach and almost like restless leg but my whole body so I am not sleeping. I am also getting the odd flush but this bit doesn't both me. I increased the Sandrena from 0.5mg sachet to 1.0 mg sachet from Sunday in the hope that it's this I need.

Have any of you experienced awful side effects in the first couple of months even when you were taking hrt to find that things did get better?

I feel that this is my only hope as I was planning on having a hysterectomy but if this Zoladex trial doesn't work what am I left with? If I knew it would improve I wouldn't feel as bad.

I went to the doctors and just bawled my eyes out and she has signed me off for 2 weeks. I just can't believe that everything I try to help ends up making me even worse.

Would really appreciate any feedback at all.

L x

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