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Tried everything-Hystererctomy last resort. Any advice
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Author:  wheezie [ Wed Nov 05, 2014 2:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Tried everything-Hystererctomy last resort. Any advice

Hi, I am completely new to this forum so not sure where to post this. hopefully someone can shed some light on few bits for me.
I am 42 yrs old, have 3 kids, ages 3,7 and 11. no more wanted!!! have been on Prozac and various other anti depressants most my adult life. last april i finally went to see private specialist at harley st who started me on oestriagol. first time in yrs i felt like i had life in me. however, my period came and i hit huge low again and then again with progesterone pills. so generally felt better with the oestrogen gel till periods came.
the next solution i was told was a hysterectomy. i kind of see this as my last hope. but am scared. what if it doesn't work? it seems to be the progesterone side that destroys me.
i have seen another gynaecologist through NHS. He wanted me to try Mirena. i was sceptical and have been proved right. i have turned into a permeant raging monster whereas before was at certain times of cycle, its been hell. had it for 6 weeks and want it out.(hopefully he will take it out tomorrow, if not will do myself)) i told him i wanted hysterectomy and he suggested the injections that put u into menopause to see if it would suit me. and after that a hysterectomy. however, he said he would leave my ovaries. What???? I said but then i will still get PMT symptoms. he said would take one ovary as other one could easily be removed at later date. said he had removed ovaries before in other women who then had lot of other problems. yet it seem the ovaries and the progesterone is the issue. obviously i could have the whole lot out on private through the other specialist.
i would just be grateful for any advice on people who had hysterectomy/other drastic treatments etc. I don't need to explain how horrendous the PMT and how it really has destroyed a lot of my life. my husband is a saint. poor kids though don't know what on earth going on. and i just want it sorted sooner rather than later. whole injections, one ovary removed, then other. don't know. just seems to be a long winded affair. Pls pls help/advise

Author:  pmthater [ Mon Nov 10, 2014 4:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Tried everything-Hystererctomy last resort. Any advice

Hi Wheezie,

I'm really sorry I don't have the advice you're looking for. However from an outsiders perspective, I quite agree, what would be the point of just removing one ovary? Does the NHS guy think that this will half your PMS episodes? I don't know what the side affects are to an Opherectomy (I think is what ppl have when they have pms) but I think you need to know them and try and weigh it all up. Remember there is a helpline that you can call on here and they may be able to help. I wish you lots of luck x

Author:  Landy44 [ Thu Dec 18, 2014 9:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Tried everything-Hystererctomy last resort. Any advice

HI, I am at about the same stage as you and had my first zoladex injection on Monday. I am feeling scared and anxious about all the decisions to make and the complexity of it all too - makes my head spin!!

From what I know, if you can find some form of progesterone that suits you, you can have both ovaries out and just take oestrogen. You would need progesterone of some kind as you would still have a womb and the lining needs to be kept thin by some progesterone.

This makes it difficult as most of us, it seems, are intolerant to most progesterones.

I have tried pills, mirena with hrt etc with no success. Just tried agnus cactus which sent me into pms hell within 2 weeks and I realised from reading up that it increased progesterone.

My plan is to see how I get on with this zoladex, take a low does oestrogen with progesterone only once every 3 months. I am also going to ask about Livial/Tibolone.

After that though, I would have the same dilemma, would I have ovaries removed or a full hysterectomy with ovary removal so that I could avoid oestrogen.

Good luck and let us know how you get on x

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