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Estrogel utrogestan Insomnia and Pms
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Author:  Juliettes [ Mon Apr 14, 2014 11:05 am ]
Post subject:  Estrogel utrogestan Insomnia and Pms

I've had success with estrogel to eliminate pms suffered for a long time which I've posted about earlier in more detail.
My only problem was insomnia was getting worse and intollerable over the months following. Its quite a big problem and interfering with life and some pretty strong sleeping tablets from my doctor work minimally plus I dont want dependance on sleep meds.

I have mirena which is due to be replaced soon. My gynae has prescribed utrogestan 100mg a night to help with sleep which has improved sleep a little . I can actually get some sleep now even though it takes a while to fall asleep and I wake early.
She says I need progesterone to sleep However only two weeks into this I have Pms lower ab pain and intense food cravings. I caught mmyself deep frying sweet potato crisps yesterday when I planned a salad.
Last night I didnt have the utrogetan and didnt sleep very well at all. I'm now puzzled at what to try next because at the moment I feel I have the choice between sleep and pmt or insomnia.
It has been good to read other posts explaining intollerance to progesterone I thought I'd be ok so wasn't partivculary looking out for symptoms. Its quite amazing how so quickly a hormone can change your body.
If anyone has any sucess with over coming insomnia or has a progesterone that does not cause Pms I would love to hear.
I'm working on reducing my estrogel to see if this helps as it is energising and going for a mirena renewal next month.

Author:  Crystal [ Tue Apr 15, 2014 12:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Estrogel utrogestan Insomnia and Pms

Im not sure about your insomnia. I find progesterone makes me just want to sleep and sleep and sleep more. It also makes me want to constantly eat junk too and causes bad pms symptoms. If you're anything like me you'll eat healthier if you're not on progesterone too. Could you perhaps try without the mirena as this will affect you too? (even though they say it only acts locally). If taking prog doesn't help your insomnia then you perhaps need to find the cause of it. Are you on any other meds that may cause it? Is it stress or worry that makes it worse? I don't know if you drink but I usually find that the nights I have alcohol I end up waking up about 4.00am and can't get back to sleep. If Im worried this will also keep me awake.

Sorry about the questions! Im only going through the obvious and you've probably already been through all this. Could you see another doctor who may be able to offer alternative advice?

Author:  Juliettes [ Tue Apr 15, 2014 1:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Estrogel utrogestan Insomnia and Pms

Hi Crystal

Thank you so much for your reply. Just to see someone else say that taking progesterone and it makes them want to eat junk and gives pms symptoms in really helpfull. For years I thought I was just greedy and uncapable of fully controlling the increased pmt hunger I got but now I know for sure that hormones are triggering it.
I always had a question mark over whether I was progesterone sensitive, but adding it back in I know now without question that I must be.
Everything I suffered from before came back within days WOW! very informative. 2 days without the progesterone and I'm still hungry I hope it fades soon. I'm pretty good at tollerating and letting things settle but I stopped the progesterone after two weeks.

My Gynae thinks I'm not getting enough progesterone because the estrogen part of my HRT is suppressing ovulation and my own body therefore is not making any luteal phase prog and thats the route cause of the insomnia. I've only really had bad insomnia since starting the estrogen.
I shall persue this further and post if I fiond a solution I'm trying all sleep hygiene things etc and dont smoke or drink.

I wish there was some info or research on why some of us are progesterone sensitive

Author:  pmthater [ Thu Apr 17, 2014 9:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Estrogel utrogestan Insomnia and Pms


Just wanted to add, that I am also on the Oestrogen and Progesterone regime (4 x Oestrogel daillt and then ten days of Utrogestan 100 mg).

Progesterone is my absolute nemesis! I start it on the 20th and I guarantee by the 24th I will be in a foul mood, extremely hungry, apathetic all the usual symptoms of pms. Sometimes I can't bear to take it for a day or two.

Unfortunately I think we have to take it to protect our cervical lining or something like that!

Have had bouts of insomnia, but never linked it to progesterone, but could possibly be the cause, will keep an eye on it this month!!

Author:  Juliettes [ Sat Apr 19, 2014 9:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Estrogel utrogestan Insomnia and Pms


Just want to add to I can really tollerate the progesterone in my mirena . Never had a pmt symptom from it as it doesn't put much progesterone into your blood stream. Different story with the utrogestan giving bad pmt and as it's bio identical it's not a side effect as such
it's the effect the actual hormone has on my body.
I'm due a renewal and can't really face it as I was under anesthtic for the current one when having laparoscopy. I know I'm going to be a shaky wreck renewal day.
I think Mabey I'm more susceptible to insomnia. It's just ironic that progesterone is the calming hormone that makes us sleep but gives bad pmt

Author:  pmddsurvivor [ Sat Apr 19, 2014 9:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Estrogel utrogestan Insomnia and Pms

Just a thought Julliette, why do you need extra progesterone with a Mirena in? Having a Mirena provides enough progesterone to protect the womb lining (which is why we need prog alongside the oestrogen anyway) so can you not continue using it alongside the oestrogen that you're on and use something else to help with sleep? Kalms or Quiet Life or something herbal, until you get a pattern back. x

Author:  Juliettes [ Sun Apr 20, 2014 3:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Estrogel utrogestan Insomnia and Pms

Thanks for your reply really appreciate the comments
It's because the mirena is only licenced for four years with hrt and I've had mine for nearly 5 years my gynae suggested it may be running low and the tiny amount of progesterone that might have been getting into blood stream is not anymore. I'm not making any normal progesterone as I'm not ovulating due to the hrt and therefore not making prog that helps us sleep something to do with GABA I think.
I'm thinking at the moment that progesterone reaction in my body from taking utrogestan really reduces seretonin and that's why I get cravings etc etc. I'm trying quite hardcore sleep pills at the moment as herbal ones don't work any more but I want to try and address the root cause as don't want the dependence these cause. It's hard to piece all the bits together . I might have underlying insomnia that needs addressing especially if it's not a common issue with pmdd
The only other thing is it could be a initial reaction to utrogestan and my body needs time to adjust but I can't face the symptoms it gave me. I don't understand how I tolerated it before. I lost 42lb as been able to diet and excercise healthily with hrt but the two weeks I tried utrogestan I put on 4 lb
So it scared me also I would put weight on again. I guess it's how it effect me and will be different for other people


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