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Teenagers with PMDD
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Author:  Allium64 [ Mon Jun 17, 2013 11:27 am ]
Post subject:  Teenagers with PMDD

Hi. Thought I'd start this new topic as at a recent visit to a London PMS Clinic I noticed other mother and daughters in the waiting area and pharmacy.
My daughter - now 19 - has had severe PMS/PMDD since puberty at 14. She was (inevitably :twisted: ) initially diagnosed with Bipolar but with the help of rigorous charting, a renowned NHS PMS consultant and Loestrin 30 she 'escaped' the Adolescent Unit and hasn't been hospitalised since. :) there have been a few close calls though and I am basically acting as a private Mental Health Hospital when she has a PMDD episode.
We have been through the Loestrin pill, GnRH injections and Oestradiol and Utrogestan and also the whole nutrition and vits & low GI diet approach. She is very active and exercise definitely helps but not enough to stop events unfolding if she ovulates. Preventing Ovulation is definitely the key. She is obviously very sensitive to progesterone and a recent change to Estradot patches and 12 days of Utrogestan ( probably starting at wrong point in cycle) has caused her to be ill for three weeks including being hypomanic for over a week ( the oestrogen patches are keeping a lid on things and stopping her going psychotic ). Her recent mood change makes me wonder whether she does have bipolar but as Cyclogest pessaries have caused her to go manic in the past I am holding onto the fact that it must be the increased dose of Utrogestan and change from gel to patches. We are likely going to try the GnRH again ( now that she's older and it'll be done properly this time) but first have to give the patches and Utrogestan their 3 month trial.

Anyway, enough of this, it would be great to hear other mothers' experiences and others who have wrestled with the whole bipolar v PMDD debate.

Author:  pmthater [ Mon Jun 17, 2013 2:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Teenagers with PMDD

Hi there,

Your poor daughter and you, PMS/PMDD or indeed bi-polar at 14 is extremely tough and I really hope you get some answers on here - I post tweets for NAPs on Twitter and will ask for ppl's thoughts (anon of course).

You say that the GNRH analogues is your latest option as 'they will be done properly this time.' what do you mean?

Very Best Wishes


Author:  Allium64 [ Mon Jun 17, 2013 2:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Teenagers with PMDD

Hi. Thanks for responding so quickly.
In answer to your question re GnRH - last time she was 15 and wasn't on any oestrogen or progesterone add back. It did stop most of the monthly episodes but she then had a massive bleed towards the end of the six month trial even though she was meant to be suppressed. Also she had a very bad initial reaction to it ( full depression - psychotic one week episode) which we weren't warned about but was typical according to consultant. Her new consultant has reassured me that if she is already on hormone treatment this won't happen.

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