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Fellow Sufferers Experience of Treatment?
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Author:  Saskia [ Sat May 18, 2013 9:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fellow Sufferers Experience of Treatment?

In retrospect, Paroxetine (prozac) really worked for me. I've been using Paroxetine from jan 2008 till dec 2012. I did not know I suffered from PMDD when I decided to stop using it. I am hesitant to start again though. I hated the weight gain (60 pounds in 5 those years), I hated my low libido (as did my husband), I hated feeling like a robot.

I found out just recently that PMDD-sufferers can also try and take SSRI's just in their worst weeks. I always believed that you had to keep a certain level of intake.

(I am soo sorry. I must sound like an idiot sometimes, but English is not my native language!)

What I have found very helpfull is going to a regular therapist. He has taken me and my PMDD serious and he has taught me it is ok to have 'those days'. He has taught me to stand up for myself and my PMDD-weeks, make sure a friend is watching over my kids those days, supported me in ordering pizza instead of trying to cook a decent meal, advised me to take time-outs/ go to the spa and feel good about it too. I stopped fighting my moodswings and learned to accept them.

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